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Finished hand flatlining the under layer and mid layer last night - tonight I hope to pin & cut out the top layer, and then start on it.

There are so many skills that it seems it would be useful to have - like upholstery. :)
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The most I've been doing lately in the world of crafts is hemming my niece's school uniform pants - four pairs!

However, Halloween is coming up, and I have several projects that I must complete in the next couple of weeks, so I've been working on one this weekend.

I'm making a waist cincher for a friend of mine for halloween.

I tried to start last weekend, but my iron decided to die, after I tried to clean it (with salt) and so I gave up. I had another iron in my basement, and although it took me a little while to get it to work, it seems to be working fine now. I ironed the fabric, and then transferred the pattern to the base fabric, and then cut it out. Today, I laid the base fabric (a black twill cotton) on the fashion fabric (a silky sort of purple) and pinned and cut. Tonight, I've been hand flatlining the pieces. I could do it by machine, but I feel like it sits so much better when you hand flatline it. It's been nice - we sat in front of the tv, and I've been working on it while we watched halloween cartoons and random tv. I'll work on it some more tomorrow - between the insulation of the attic yesterday, and the little I was able to help, and then suddenly deciding to scrub one of the bathroom floors today, my body says that it is done!

I would really like to get into the habit of sewing or crafting a little each night - maybe I can work towards it.
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obviously, the universe/higher power *really* wants me to look for something else.

every time i think "well, it's not that bad, because..." something else happens. :P

yes, i get it. i'll start seriously looking.

it was nice to wake up and not be stressed, and actually be upbeat coming into work, though!


Sep. 23rd, 2009 04:08 pm
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I've decided I'd like to try two new recipes a month. It's not set in stone or anything, but if I have a goal to work towards, it helps keep me from getting stale with my recipes/cooking.

Some of the things I try are just for me, others aren't. Plus, my mom is in town (okay, it's been over 6 months, I guess it should be a given, now?) and I can generally give her leftovers of my cooking - she's pretty happy to be a guinea pig, since it's just her, and after working 45-60 hours/week, she just doesn't feel like cooking (unless it involves a can and microwave - does that count?).

I've only cooked fish the once - and that was just grilling salmon on a George Foreman grill. So I decided to go for the adventure - I went to the Farmers Market, and bought a whole fish! (Okay, I was excited and flustered, and totally missed the fillet section.. but the whole fish was probably cheaper, and more entertaining!) I had a simple seeming recipe from Epicurious (have I mentioned how much I *love* the iPhone? because I do!) and I went home to cook it.

The fish still had the tail on it, so I cut that part off, and after checking for bones, tossed it outside for the outdoor kitties. (Maximilian got it - which is only fair, since Chiarascura always runs him off from the regular food. I mean, I understand pregnancy makes you crazy, with the hormones and all, but still!) I was Max's favorite person for a little while. (Granted, this didn't mean he was willing to let me approach him or anything - wild kitties.)

Anyway, I followed the recipe, and it was pretty good. A success! I even gave my mom some leftovers today, so we'll see what a second opinion thinks.

Now, I still have rosemary and new potatoes at the house, so I should think of something to use the rest of that up. :)

It's so nice when a new recipe works out, and when something new is successful. Considering that 15 years ago, my version of cooking was popping a frozen meal in the microwave...
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We're crafting hardcore at the house - at least, more hardcore than we have been lately. :P

i've been working on D'con stuff, on and off, but have really kicked into overdrive this weekend. Finally got in the pattern & supplies needed for the waist cincher pattern, and managed to cut out the mockup, put it together, try it on, decide it was acceptable, cut out the actual fabric, put it together, and decide it would have been better if it were flatlined. :P ah well, next time. i imagine this is not going to be a wear all the time waistcincher, but will serve its purpose, and move on. also put together the base for a mini-tophat on saturday - need to pick up a couple more supplies at lunch, and will finish the waist cincher tonight, and possibly get started on finishing the hat. we'll see.

i haven't made a hat in five plus years, and it's a fantastic feeling to know that i can still do it. it may not be the best hat in the world, but again, it will serve its purpose. :)

all the sewing is wreaking havoc on my body (no tables the right height) but i'm really enjoying it. it's inspiring me to do more. of course, i want the right tools for the job, dammit, like an actual grommet setter (the one at the alliance was awesome) and an industrial sewing machine, and an iron upstairs, or at the very least, more light downstairs. :P

i think i may have finally figured out a use for that yard of color change cotton i picked up about 9 years ago, in chapel hill. :P one day, i knew i would use it for something.

we'll see if my yearning to sew more/make more survives the con - i have a list of things i want to do a mile long.

i know it's not feasible, as people don't care for things that are not their own, but i really wish that there was some sort of community shop with tools and kilns, etc, available for use.
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My boss decided a Friday a month off would be a nice perk. I completely agree! So here I am, with my first Friday off. I hope to use today to knock a bunch of stuff off my to do list that has been there forever, run some errands, and work on dragoncon costuming, but we'll see how far I get!
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Quietly sitting at the vet with mr. Munch, waiting for a nail trim. From now on, I am totally doing this on my "Friday off" that my boss is giving me. The vet is busier than I have seen them first thing on a Saturday - bunch of different animals here, including a humming lady and her chickens. Crazy.

We've started work on our dragoncon costumes, and I'm pretty excited by it. I should have my skirt on Tuesday and then I can put the rest of it together. Need to try on various components & see if they'll work or not.

Yep, been here for 45 minutes. Definitely doing this during the week next time. Poor Mr. Munchausen is being excellent, though.


Jul. 2nd, 2009 09:35 am
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The bunny has been incredibly hungry lately, I'm not sure why. This means that at night, instead of running around in the living room, he's been filling his bunny face with hay and pellets. So this morning, when I got up, he was already awake (normally we have a cute little wake up the bunny and scratch his head moment) and we exercised together.

This consisted of me using Wii Fit, and him running laps around me and sniffing at my legs while I use Wii Fit. Exercising with the bunny is always fun, but not incredibly effective, as I have to keep an eye on him at all times to make sure he is not destroying anything. but still - it was a terribly cute moment, and he seemed very affectionate this morning when I took a couple of breaks to pet him.
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At origins. Interesting selection of folks- many of the same artists that come to dcon. There's a craft track, but we've been too busy to really check it out.

Had to deal with work drama today, but that's what I get for taking off on a payroll week. Having an iPhone is awesome - makes waiting in lines and downtime way better.

Was very sick, but I'm feeling mostly better. And had yummy homemade lavender wildberry ice cream at Jeni's Ice Cream! I need to explore the use of lavender in food more.
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We went to HSV a couple of weeks ago, and on the way back, stopped by Unclaimed Baggage, where I found a huge bag of some sort of yarn for $6. I dug into it last night, since I'm prepping for Origins and their craft track. It looks like it's tatting yarn - there are some tatting samples mixed in, and there is a *ton* of it. In many colors. I'm trying to separate it out into ziplocs, and I currently have 4 of them, and need another two (they're either quart or gallon, I'm not sure). I may take it to Origins, and see if anyone has any suggestions.

I also started doing another hairfall to prep for Origins - I got about halfway done with one of them, and then quit, because it's pretty time intensive. I had been using big yarn, and this yarn is smaller and thinner, so it takes more of it to do. Plus, I had spent the day prepping for Father's Day activities, and my energy level was pretty low. I'm hoping to work on it more tonight, but I may just take it with me and finish it up there or in the car - they have craft time set aside. I'm not sure how much of a costume con it's going to be, and it's definitely supposed to be "family-friendly", so I'll have to choose my costumes carefully.


Jun. 16th, 2009 04:26 pm
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craft accomplishments last week - pretty much zilch.

i did sign up for a craft hope project, where they will be sending baby blankets to india. i will finish at least one, possibly more. inspired by NIN & SSSC drive to better the world.

i also did some steampunk research. i'd love to do a fancy costume for dragoncon - but if i do, it will likely need to be thrifted or fabric i have in my stash downstairs. considering how much fabric that is, surely i can manage it? :)

this week i would like to go through my patterns downstairs and see if i have any that are possible for altering to steampunk standards.

in the next month or so i need to
- go by the thrift store and look for fabric options/alter-able clothing
- look through fabric downstairs
- look through tutorials online for doing some sort of steampunk hair, or mask combo

if nothing else, maybe i can get something started for next year? :)
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Last week was not so hot on the crafting side of things.

I did manage to print some of the photos from the trip, including the ones of the train that I plan on making a flip book out of. Also, we stopped at Unclaimed Baggage on the way back from HSV, and I found a huge bag of yarn (crochet?) for $6, and two pairs of bamboo knitting needles for $4 each.

And I purchased some stencils and some stencil blanks at Michael's, in the hopes of getting fairy stuff worked on!
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Accomplishments -
Birdfeeder filled & mounted. The squirrels have not destroyed it yet, but I'm waiting.
Hummingbird feeder found, hummingbird food made, and it was also put up.
Plants planted in square foot garden, but I still have the ones I'm putting in pots to do, as well as more seeds to plant in the garden - I'm hoping it's not too late.

I also had a strange desire for pie-making on Sunday morning, and acquired supplies for both a strawberry pie, and a rhubarb pie. Strawberry pie was accomplished, and delivered to my Grandmother minus two slices (so she & my dad could have it). We ate the two slices, and it was pretty good. Graham cracker (storebought) crust, Joy of Cooking recipe. Yum. My first strawberry pie.

Random chores were accomplished. Craft fair was attended, and I even ran into someone from college (undergrad, I'm pretty sure) there, who said I inspired her (and that was *very* cool - I had no idea I had any affect on her life at all, and it was definitely a positive one!).
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I've decided to make the focus of this journal my creative activities.

So, on that note, a general to do list that I hope to achieve for the weekend!

Fill & put up birdfeeder (done - Friday night)
Make hummingbird food, find hummingbird feeder, and put hummingbird feeder up outside
Plant plants in square foot garden (yes, this should have been done before, but due to numerous reasons, it wasn't!)
Attend Craft Fair!
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i absolutely adore fairy tales and retellings, but i'm curious as to what other people think -

what are your favorite/most memorable fairy tales? (name up to 12)

what are the images that stick with you from those stories? (i.e., cinderella - slipper, carriage)

and if you have any suggestions of authors or books, that would be fabulous too! i went through all the different colors of fairy tale books when i was a kid - or as many of them as i could find.
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Go, look, do!
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Adam and i are getting married. March 16, 2007. Possibly in Vegas.

Details will follow in time.

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Lube wrestling!

i'll be at lube wrestling this Saturday, so if anyone wants their stuff then, let me know. :)

i'll be a lube girl, selling cups of lube.

come out, it will be much fun - raffles, wrestlers... how could you not want to be there?

Saturday, 8pm, the Eagle.
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hello, ruthlessness. :P i have a *lot* of craft supplies.


i started going through the craft cabinet tonight - and here's just text of stuff that i have. i'm too tired to take and post pictures today.

Read more... )

i'm also making a list of all the supplies i keep for certian projects of things i'm "going" to do. that way, i not only have a list of projects, but i can look at it all at the end, and maybe cull some more. :P
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