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We're crafting hardcore at the house - at least, more hardcore than we have been lately. :P

i've been working on D'con stuff, on and off, but have really kicked into overdrive this weekend. Finally got in the pattern & supplies needed for the waist cincher pattern, and managed to cut out the mockup, put it together, try it on, decide it was acceptable, cut out the actual fabric, put it together, and decide it would have been better if it were flatlined. :P ah well, next time. i imagine this is not going to be a wear all the time waistcincher, but will serve its purpose, and move on. also put together the base for a mini-tophat on saturday - need to pick up a couple more supplies at lunch, and will finish the waist cincher tonight, and possibly get started on finishing the hat. we'll see.

i haven't made a hat in five plus years, and it's a fantastic feeling to know that i can still do it. it may not be the best hat in the world, but again, it will serve its purpose. :)

all the sewing is wreaking havoc on my body (no tables the right height) but i'm really enjoying it. it's inspiring me to do more. of course, i want the right tools for the job, dammit, like an actual grommet setter (the one at the alliance was awesome) and an industrial sewing machine, and an iron upstairs, or at the very least, more light downstairs. :P

i think i may have finally figured out a use for that yard of color change cotton i picked up about 9 years ago, in chapel hill. :P one day, i knew i would use it for something.

we'll see if my yearning to sew more/make more survives the con - i have a list of things i want to do a mile long.

i know it's not feasible, as people don't care for things that are not their own, but i really wish that there was some sort of community shop with tools and kilns, etc, available for use.
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