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hello, ruthlessness. :P i have a *lot* of craft supplies.


i started going through the craft cabinet tonight - and here's just text of stuff that i have. i'm too tired to take and post pictures today.

1 fur collar ( i probably will have to post a picture of this)
6 pk of lumaseries black light (body?) paint
1 2x black leather jacket (wilsons is the brand name)
1 "i taught myself to knit" book/kit (i have two, actually. so this is assuming i keep one for me)
8 crayola multicultural large crayons
12+ plain white whiffle balls (originally gotten to make a ball gag out of, most likely)
2 pkgs rigid wrap (a sort of papier mache thing)
3/4 pkg cellu clay (another papier mache thing)
1 slightly used set of wooden clay sculpting tools
2 small packages (still soft!) of silver glitter clay
some black graphite paper
unopened 2oz tube of E6000
mini glue gun and mini glue sticks (why yes, i have two of these,as well, and this is assuming i keep one for me)

i'm also making a list of all the supplies i keep for certian projects of things i'm "going" to do. that way, i not only have a list of projects, but i can look at it all at the end, and maybe cull some more. :P

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