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Here are some of the things i want gone.. i think it's a matter of whoever wants it. Warning - some of you may see things that you have given me behind the cut. Please don't be offended - i'm purging, and while i love each and every one of your gifts, my tastes change with time, and there's only so much that i can fit into my home and enjoy at one time. It's time for these things to find new homes and new love with someone else. :) On that note - if you want it, then you have to come and get it, or make arrangements (that are convenient to me) to get it. i am willing to mail stuff, but you need to pay shipping. if you speak for something, please be sure you can get it within a week -the longer the stuff stays here, the less likely i am to want to get rid of it.
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picture of the kittens behind the cut. there are two -

here be kittens.. )


Apr. 23rd, 2006 10:28 pm
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for some reason, i have an urge to rid myself of things. :P i think it has much to do with some conversations with [ profile] poisdeneige this weekend.

currently, in the box are - 1 deck of halloween tarot cards, either minimally used or not at all, as i'm not sure i've ever done a reading with them; two kitty candles - one white and one black, both with green eyes; and some plain dark glass candleholders.

i'll be posting (at some point in my life) pictures, perhaps, and more descriptions, as i get farther in. i've decided that in order to get my room straightened, i have to get rid of at least 25% of the stuff in there. and considering how long i've had some of the stuff without using it.. sheesh.
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woke up *really* early.

on the plus side, though - i went to flying biscuit for breakfast. :) when you get there at 7:30 there isn't a line or anything!

in my head, i think i can get a lot more done than i actually can today. :P as always.

i have frolicon stuff to-do, however, and that's most important, along with laundry.

at least it's a rainy day, so i'm not tempted to really go anywhere. :)
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i love this comic. :)

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okay, i have two questions for those of you out there -

-what sort of face cleaning regimen do you use? (soap, cleanser, lotion, moisturizer, what?) i'm looking for new options.

-what sort of lube do you recommend? again, looking for new options. i'm open to silicone-based as an alternate, and i hate astroglide. i've tried wet. i *was* using Joe Lube, and the only place in town that carries it has stopped, that i know of.
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going to the georgia aquarium this weekend. for the first time. :)

and at some point, i want to see the bodies exhibit. but i found out it's here until sept, so i have a bit of leeway.
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okay, who wants to start one of these in atlanta?
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i am shitty to get in touch with, lately.

work is draining me, and i don't even really respond to emails that well.

but, please keep trying, anyone who is. :)


Feb. 7th, 2006 10:17 pm
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sometimes i'm all like - oh! what am i going to do for x event as costumes? eep!

and sometimes i'm like - i know, i'll get the silk and hand silk paint it, and then i'll figure out a kick-ass kimono pattern, and....

sheesh. is there a happy medium? i mean, i'd love to do some silk painting again, but not in the next couple of months!
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so i've been searching around on the web, for a blank will (as in, last will and testament) and living will form for my mom - she was talking about wanting one, but not wanting to go to a lawyer.

i think i found a free one for her - am i correct in thinking that she can do this on her own? i mean, she needs a witness that is not named as a benficiary and a notary public, right?
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Snack and Learn is a "place for all submissive/switches to learn ways to further their Submissive space by learning skills associated with service,living in D/s and S/m relationships, and headspace."

Our next class is Bootblacking & boot worship (if time allows) with Elegant! February 15th, 7:30-10pm.

description & more information )

Please RSVP for the class to Class attendance will be limited. Class location released to RSVPs; held at a private location near midtown Atlanta.
Cost: $2 or a snack
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i realized that i don't think i have much up-to-date contact information for anyone, anymore..

i'd love to have - birthday, phone/email, etc for anyone who'd like to give it to me. :)

comments are screened.
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hey, iirc - losing mine *hurt*, and was not a pleasant experience.

so *why* would i want to do that again?
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AIRS is an Augusta group, and they asked that i pass this along. i haven't ever attended, but they seem to have some interesting classes there!

Coming soon to Augusta!!


Presented especially for you by the Augusta Iron Rose Society

If you liked AIRS’ Summer School, you’ll love this!!

Presenting a truly Wicked afternoon, featuring classes on Suspension, Bondage, Pressure Points, and Branding!

Featured Presenters:

Mick and Dee


Mick and Dee will present a demo on suspension bondage, then hold a hands-on workshop on bondage with audience participation.

Also presenting:



Toria, Slut Goddess Extraordinaire





WHEN: Saturday, January 28, 2006 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM

WHERE: Augusta, GA

ADMISSION: $25 at the door, $20 prepaid

AIRS SPECIAL OVERNIGHT PACKAGE: Stay at the on-site hotel and get an additional $5 off the admission prices listed above!


$49.95 (king/queen room)

$54.00 (two separate queen beds)

$79.99 (two room suite)

(taxes not included)

For details, RSVP TO:


Jan. 2nd, 2006 09:56 pm
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This is a recurring discussion i have with myself, and i'd like to encourage you to all join in on it. :)

What is art?

Define, and discuss, please. i'll chime in in a bit, but i want to know what you guys think.
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