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The most I've been doing lately in the world of crafts is hemming my niece's school uniform pants - four pairs!

However, Halloween is coming up, and I have several projects that I must complete in the next couple of weeks, so I've been working on one this weekend.

I'm making a waist cincher for a friend of mine for halloween.

I tried to start last weekend, but my iron decided to die, after I tried to clean it (with salt) and so I gave up. I had another iron in my basement, and although it took me a little while to get it to work, it seems to be working fine now. I ironed the fabric, and then transferred the pattern to the base fabric, and then cut it out. Today, I laid the base fabric (a black twill cotton) on the fashion fabric (a silky sort of purple) and pinned and cut. Tonight, I've been hand flatlining the pieces. I could do it by machine, but I feel like it sits so much better when you hand flatline it. It's been nice - we sat in front of the tv, and I've been working on it while we watched halloween cartoons and random tv. I'll work on it some more tomorrow - between the insulation of the attic yesterday, and the little I was able to help, and then suddenly deciding to scrub one of the bathroom floors today, my body says that it is done!

I would really like to get into the habit of sewing or crafting a little each night - maybe I can work towards it.
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We went to HSV a couple of weeks ago, and on the way back, stopped by Unclaimed Baggage, where I found a huge bag of some sort of yarn for $6. I dug into it last night, since I'm prepping for Origins and their craft track. It looks like it's tatting yarn - there are some tatting samples mixed in, and there is a *ton* of it. In many colors. I'm trying to separate it out into ziplocs, and I currently have 4 of them, and need another two (they're either quart or gallon, I'm not sure). I may take it to Origins, and see if anyone has any suggestions.

I also started doing another hairfall to prep for Origins - I got about halfway done with one of them, and then quit, because it's pretty time intensive. I had been using big yarn, and this yarn is smaller and thinner, so it takes more of it to do. Plus, I had spent the day prepping for Father's Day activities, and my energy level was pretty low. I'm hoping to work on it more tonight, but I may just take it with me and finish it up there or in the car - they have craft time set aside. I'm not sure how much of a costume con it's going to be, and it's definitely supposed to be "family-friendly", so I'll have to choose my costumes carefully.


Jun. 16th, 2009 04:26 pm
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craft accomplishments last week - pretty much zilch.

i did sign up for a craft hope project, where they will be sending baby blankets to india. i will finish at least one, possibly more. inspired by NIN & SSSC drive to better the world.

i also did some steampunk research. i'd love to do a fancy costume for dragoncon - but if i do, it will likely need to be thrifted or fabric i have in my stash downstairs. considering how much fabric that is, surely i can manage it? :)

this week i would like to go through my patterns downstairs and see if i have any that are possible for altering to steampunk standards.

in the next month or so i need to
- go by the thrift store and look for fabric options/alter-able clothing
- look through fabric downstairs
- look through tutorials online for doing some sort of steampunk hair, or mask combo

if nothing else, maybe i can get something started for next year? :)
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Last week was not so hot on the crafting side of things.

I did manage to print some of the photos from the trip, including the ones of the train that I plan on making a flip book out of. Also, we stopped at Unclaimed Baggage on the way back from HSV, and I found a huge bag of yarn (crochet?) for $6, and two pairs of bamboo knitting needles for $4 each.

And I purchased some stencils and some stencil blanks at Michael's, in the hopes of getting fairy stuff worked on!


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