Sep. 23rd, 2009 04:08 pm
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I've decided I'd like to try two new recipes a month. It's not set in stone or anything, but if I have a goal to work towards, it helps keep me from getting stale with my recipes/cooking.

Some of the things I try are just for me, others aren't. Plus, my mom is in town (okay, it's been over 6 months, I guess it should be a given, now?) and I can generally give her leftovers of my cooking - she's pretty happy to be a guinea pig, since it's just her, and after working 45-60 hours/week, she just doesn't feel like cooking (unless it involves a can and microwave - does that count?).

I've only cooked fish the once - and that was just grilling salmon on a George Foreman grill. So I decided to go for the adventure - I went to the Farmers Market, and bought a whole fish! (Okay, I was excited and flustered, and totally missed the fillet section.. but the whole fish was probably cheaper, and more entertaining!) I had a simple seeming recipe from Epicurious (have I mentioned how much I *love* the iPhone? because I do!) and I went home to cook it.

The fish still had the tail on it, so I cut that part off, and after checking for bones, tossed it outside for the outdoor kitties. (Maximilian got it - which is only fair, since Chiarascura always runs him off from the regular food. I mean, I understand pregnancy makes you crazy, with the hormones and all, but still!) I was Max's favorite person for a little while. (Granted, this didn't mean he was willing to let me approach him or anything - wild kitties.)

Anyway, I followed the recipe, and it was pretty good. A success! I even gave my mom some leftovers today, so we'll see what a second opinion thinks.

Now, I still have rosemary and new potatoes at the house, so I should think of something to use the rest of that up. :)

It's so nice when a new recipe works out, and when something new is successful. Considering that 15 years ago, my version of cooking was popping a frozen meal in the microwave...


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